Success Tokens

Success tokens empowers your DAO to raise funds for operations
Strategic partners

Strategic partners

Leverage the networks and resources of startup veterans.
DeFi Native Raise

DeFi Native Raise

No lawyers or off-chain brokers required
Community Approved

Community Approved

Success tokens are transparent and align interests.
Product Overview

What is it?

Success tokens allow DAOs to raise funds without offering token discounts upfront. Instead, for each token the investor buys, they receive a bonus call option. Both the token and its call option are locked until the vesting date.

The call option may pay investors an additional amount of your DAO token, but only if the price of your token has gone up in the meantime. This means these strategic investors are only given any bonus if the DAO is doing well.

It is easy to see why tokenholders like this model: in this event, everyone voting on this proposal today will have also seen the value increase. In either event, the DAO has increased its treasury and gained a strategic partner.

Finally, investors gain the kind of risk profile they are looking for. Namely, exposure to upside. If the token value rallies 2x or 3x over the strike price, they will benefit more than if they had purchased at a discount. It's a win-win-win.

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Success Graph

Instead of paying the venture capitalist investor upfront via a discount, the Success Token pays the VC a bonus only if the protocol is successful in achieving its goals.

Getting Started

How does it work?


Sale Design

Your DAO decides on the parameters. Our team of financial engineers can offer guidance as you choose your strike price, expiration date, and total sale size.

Mint Tokens

Your DAO deposits tokens into the contract and mints the success tokens. UMA's contracts have been audited, held over $200m in collateral, and have been exploit-free since inception over a year ago.

Raise funds for Treasury

Your DAO sells these tokens to strategic investors. Investors are looking for upside in DeFi projects and this sale type has been tested and investor approved.
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