Optimistic oracle

The Web3 oracle

UMA's optimistic oracle allows contracts to ask almost any question and trust the answer.

The optimistic oracle can provide arbitrary "long tail" data to Web3 protocols.

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Fully decentralized
Dispute resolution
Battle tested
Incredibly flexible

KPI options and Success tokens are now part of Outcome Finance.

KPI Options

Incentive Tokens

  • Airdrops that build armies
  • Incentive-aligned liquidity mining
  • Only pay if you win
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Success Tokens

DAO Fundraising

  • DeFi native fundraising
  • Community approved, no discounted sales
  • Aligned strategic partnerships
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Range Tokens

Treasury Diversification

  • Access funds without sale pressure
  • Pay a yield to investors with limited upside and downside
  • Functions like convertible debt/bonds
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Call/Put Options

Traditional Options

  • DAOs can provide liquidity with idle assets
  • Offer aligned incentives to community members
  • Offer yield opportunities to tokenholders
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Long Short Pair (LSP)

No Liquidation Synths

  • Build customized finance products
  • Fully collateralized / unliquidatable
  • Long/Short token pair have inverse values
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