KPI Options

KPI options are synthetic tokens that pay out more rewards if a "Key Performance Indicator" grows before a given expiry date.

DAOs can use it to motivate their communities and achieve protocol objectives.

Who is it for?

DAOs airdrop KPI options to achieve protocol growth targets, such as trade volume or locked value.

Ecosystem fund managers use KPI options to bootstrap new or energize existing communities.

Organizations can use KPI options to achieve distributed goals, such as university matriculation or vaccination rates.

How is it better?

Centralized performance payouts are trusted and are not tradable.

Unrestricted airdrops are often dumped and dilute token supply, regardless of if foundation goals are met.

The psychological impact of a shared upside invigorates communities.

They are secured by UMA’s Optimistic Oracle. Recipients are confident they will pay out as expected.


A new project uses KPI options to bootstrap their new community. They airdrop KPI options to groups of people they want to attract, and give everyone a shared goal and incentive achieve the project’s target.

A DAO uses KPI options to increase the adoption of their new trading product. They airdrop the KPI options to users of their competitor’s project, thus providing them with an incentive to switch trading products.

How do I get started?