KPI Options

Smart airdrops motivate your community to establish partnerships

Made-to-order Targets

Define the goal that matters to your DAO

Incentives Alignment

Get your community on the same page

Treasury Efficiency

Dump-proof airdrop

Standard Tokens

ERC20 tokens with all the composability that comes with it
Products Overview

What is it?

KPI Options are programmable tokens you use to perform smart airdrops.

Your targeted group receives these options tokens today, but they can only redeem them for your project token in the future and only if they hit your target goal. Otherwise, you collect the collateral and return it to your treasury.

Example UI for claiming and viewing KPI Options tokens for your community
Getting Started

How does it work?


Define Target

Define the KPI (Key Perfomance Index) you want to hit.

Create the KPI Options

Lock your project token and mint the KPI Option tokens.

Distribute and Market

The tokens to your target community and advertise your campaign.

“BadgerDAO uses UMA's KPI Options to help our product DIGG regain its peg, by paying out to DIGG holders but only if it indeed stays above the peg. KPI Options are a clever cryptoeconomic tool and we will be reissuing them for several iterations.”

Chris Spadafora of BadgerDAO

“They solve one of the biggest problems in DAOs today, which is the lack of focus towards achieving a common goal. Simple airdrops will become outdated once more people understand the power of KPI options and we can't wait to get the 1,800+ DAOs on Aragon using them."

Joe Charlesworth of Aragon