UMA is an optimistic oracle built for Web3

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What is an optimistic oracle?

An optimistic oracle serves data to smart contracts using a "true unless disputed" escalation game

Optimisc oracle service
Decentralized ParticipationAnyone, anywhere in the world can secure the oracle.
Optimisc oracle service
Dispute ResolutionFull recourse for inaccurate or manipulated data. Don't get burned by a bad feed.
Optimisc oracle service
Economic GuaranteesContracts secured by UMA have economic guarantees equal to the value of the entire UMA ecosystem.
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Projects using UMA

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Why use uma?

Community friendlyUMA is a Web3 native protocol with a community-first focus
No limits on designRequest any arbitrary data to power your protocol
Provably secureUMA's oracle is the only one that offers economic guarantees
Minimize oracle usageFewer calls means a smaller attack vector and lower fees

In-house products secured by UMA's optimistic oracle

KPI Options

Incentive Tokens

  • Airdrops that build armies
  • Incentive-aligned liquidity mining
  • Only pay if you win
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Success Tokens

DAO Fundraising

  • DeFi native fundraising
  • Community approved, no discounted sales
  • Aligned strategic partnership
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KPI options and Success tokens are now part of Outcome Finance.


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